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The Most Played Mobile Games of 2022

There are over 10 million mobile games available on the iOS and Google Play stores, so there is sure to be something for everyone. There are currently 32 games in the top 50 on both iOS and Android, with a combined total of 64% of the top 100 games being shared across both platforms. As far as games go, there is a wide range of genres and styles. Popular games include Pubg, Candy Crush, GTA5, and Subwaysurf. Even young children can enjoy these games.

Popular games create a buzz, which encourages platforms to promote them. This is reflected in the top 50 mobile games of 2022, based on number of installs, revenue, users, and engagement. PUBG is currently the leading mobile game, while Candy Crush Saga is close behind. Coin Master, Fishdom, and Roblox are also in the top five.

In terms of genres, a new series of endless-runner games is gaining traction. Halfbrick has come up with an addictive game that is both addicting and challenging. Similarly, the popular action-RPG Wayward Souls was developed by RocketCat games. The game is similar to the first Monument Valley, but adds a new dimension to the genre by adding puzzles in the form of movable objects doithuong.

Pokemon Go is another game to watch out for. Based on the famous anime series, the game is fun for players of all ages. It forces players to step outside of their screens in order to catch all the Pokemon in the game’s virtual world. The game uses Augmented Reality, which means that players are immersed in a second world that exists within our real world.